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May, 2016:  We needed to post this earlier, our apology.

We will no longer be at the Worthington Farmers Market.  A most difficult but necessary decision on our part as there have been many changes in our current situation over the past year.

Most difficult of all will be us missing the chance to see and visit with the many, many friends we have grown to know over the years.  

If you wish to contact us, please feel free to do so.  e will leave the website up for some time.  It may prove to be our best conduit to all of you.

Andrew and Darlene
May 8, 2016

Our mission
is to bring you the best of locally grown naturally raised farm products in as much variety as possible.  This means we will always try to have great heirloom varieties of many vegetables, along with a great selection of unusual and wonderfully unique vegetables, ones that you would not normally find anywhere else!
An essential part of our mission is to employ Bio-Intensive Organic* agriculture practices that will allow us to rebuild and maintain the quality of our farmland while providing an extensive quantity and quality of produce.  Finally, we want our farm to be part of a sustainable food system  
We invite you to visit us at our farm, and to email us (2.crows@live.com) with any questions you might have or if you are searching for something unusual.
Darlene and Andrew Crow
                      Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association  www.oeffa.org
                              Center for Innovative Food Technology  www.cift.eisc.org
                              Local Harvest     www.localharvest.org
    *For more information on "Bio-Internsive" agriculture and guardening, please refer to books by John Jeavons or visit the website:  www.growbiointensive.org
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